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The purpose of CEF is to:

1.evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and
2.disciple them in the Word of God and 
3.establish them in a Bible believing church for Christian living
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It was the beginning of a new school term. Petros was snoozing in his bed! His mom already woke him up at least ten minutes ago, but Petros was very reluctant to get out of the bed and to get dressed to go to school!

Petros remembered what happened the last day of school before the holiday! When the bell rang and he ran out of the class, he was bumping against Thabo, the bully of the school! He could still hear the laughter of all the children but he did not even try to stop! He just kept on running, very scared of what will happen to him when Thabo catch him! ................
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happened between Petros and Thabo

A Story by Uncle Willie
Our friends Petros, Peter and Thabo were walking to their favorite spot where they usually sit after the Good News Club at Aunty Ann’s house. They have a new friend that joined their group and her name is Mary. When they pass Joe’s tuck shop they usually buy a cold drink and a packet of potato chips.

“Wow, think what you would have done if it happened to you”. Peter uttered. “Yes, I wonder what I would have done in that situation” said Mary.  The four friends were lying on their backs on the grass, each one was thinking of the story Aunty Ann told them today in Good News Club. She was telling them of this little girl.......
A Story by Uncle Willie
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A Story by Uncle Willie
Our four friends Thabo, Petros, Peter and Mary were meeting at the Diner because it was their winter school holiday and it was too cold to meet outside at the park as they usually do. The Mall was very busy and Peter was sitting at a table for 4, waiting for his friends
After they exchanged what they were up to so far during the holiday, Mary said: “You know guys, I am a bit worried about Debbie and Jack. They are in the Good News Club with us at Aunty Ann and I know that both of them believe in Jesus and prayed to become children of God. What worries me is that although they go to church, they act strange when they are with Jack’s friends. It seems like they don’t care what they say and how they say it, and even their behaviour is not good.”
As you said Mary, they are believers and that makes their position secure in Jesus” ............ 
When the other three arrived, they each ordered a big glass of milkshake. The boys ordered Chocolate milkshake and Mary ordered Raspberry flavour. Thabo convinced the others to order a big plate of French fries that they can all share - he was always hungry, and he figured then they could help him pay as well.
chocolate milkshake
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As our four friends flopped down under the tree in the park, their usual meeting place,  Peter took out the slab of chocolate and start tearing off the paper. “Are you going to share it with us,” Thabo asked. “Maybe,” Peter said after taking his first bite, “but all of you had a chance of getting it for yourself and you didn’t take it,” he said and took another bite.

“Yes, that is true,” Mary said, “I think Aunty Ann’s explanation of John 1 v 12 was very good.” “It made me to realise how special I am for God,” Peter said with a smile, “I must say I felt a bit foolish standing next to Aunty Ann holding out the chocolate to me and every time I wanted to take it she pulled it out of my hand saying that I had it. Until I took hold of the chocolate and didn’t let go of it and then she said it was now mine!” his friends laughed with him...............
A Story by Uncle Willie
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blocks of chocolate
A Story by Uncle Willie
Thabo flopped down on the grass next to his friend, Petros. The group of 4 friends was meeting under the tree in the park, their usual meeting place.
Petros and Mary looked at Thabo, who looked unhappy. “What is the matter with you?” Mary asked.  “I feel like a servant,” he said. “I think I need to change my name to “Gofer,” because all I hear at home is Thabo go fetch water, Thabo go buy bread; Thabo mow the lawn...” it seems like “Thabo” is the only name there is to use on this earth,” he complained to his friends. “
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