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Call of Abraham
Abraham Gives His Son
A Bride for Isaac
Birthright and Blessing
Jacob away from home
Joseph Beloved son
Josephs Temptation
Joseph Rewarded
Joseph Forgives His Brothers
I Am the Bread of Life
I Am the Good Shepherd
I Am the Resurrection and Life
I Am the Light of the World
I Am the Way
Lost man found in tree - Zacchaeus
Undeserved Kindness - Mephibosheth
Listen God is speaking - Noah
Right Direction - Ethiopian Treasurer
Sauls Conversion
The Bible Doctrine Series
God Speaks to Us
The Word of God
Eternal and Powerful
Very Special Book
We need to do something
Prayer Series
Lets Learn about prayer part 1 & 2 
Lets learn about prayer part 3  & 4
Single Lessons
Gods Special Label For you
God Loves YOU
The Story of YOUR Life
Holy Spirit Helps you to Wittness
Wonderful Saviour
You and I need to bear Fruit
Let Your Light Shine
Do, Don't, Done
God's Word is Important
Three Crosses
Until I Come part 1 (Communion)
Until I Come part 2 (God's Ways)
Lord Jesus Christ is King
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God's Kind of Love
The Message of the Star
Christ is in Christmas
The Light of Life
The Angel's Message
Christmas Lessons:
Good News Club Songs vol 1
Good News club Songs vol 2
Good News Club songs vol 3
Let us Praise God
Who's Birthday is it?
A Shepherd for you
What God is like?
The Problem Solver
What Will You Choose?
The Gloves
What is Missions?  
Ti-Fam - Part 1 & 2  
Ti-Fam - Part  3 & 4  
Ti-Fam - Part  5  
Daniel makes the right choice
Daniel prays for wisdom
The Fiery Furnace
King Nebuchadnezzar's Pridefull Fall
The Handwriting on the Wall
Daniel, Strong in the Lord Series:
The Creation
Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
Beginning Series:
Patriarch Series:
Joseph Series:
Knowing Christ Series
Turned Around Series
girl in front of tv watching man with gun
picture boy and bear watching tv
2  boys lying in front of tv
pictury baby watching tv
girl in front of tv
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Do not just teach kids, reach them with the Gospel. We can help! CEF PRESS is your source for childrens ministry tools that reflect sound educational principles while staying true to the unchanging Word of God. You do not have to choose between active learning and Biblical content when shopping for curriculum, CEF Press gives you both substance and creativity. Our materials include Bible lessons, visuals, PowerPoints, tracts, mission stories, music and devotional books that are learner sensitive and teacher friendly.

Click on picture below and go to CEF Press for all your Literature needs!
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The CEF                                                   aims to assist childrens evangelists worldwide to teach Gods Word. We desire to help and encourage those whose goal is to evangelize children.

Dr. Sam Doherty, an experienced teacher and childrens worker for over 57 years, has written a series of devotional and training books. His latter years have been devoted to a writing ministry. There are presently 31 titles in English and books have been printed in 53 languages.

Click on picture below for more information how to get hold of these books!
Click on Bible to see Wonder Devotional Videos, Sing-a-long with songs and watch a Mission Story!
Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF),  has released its very first app for children called God's Word: Hide It!
This new app is an interactive experience built for children ages 3 and up.

It allows children to:
1. Read and listen to Bible verses;
     2. Play interactive memorization games
    3. Color illustration pages about verse
       4. Sing along karaoke style to the verses set to music.

Specialized Book Ministry
Click on logo to download your own digital copy of the Wordless Book ( PDF) on your device or computer and then scroll down to the bottom of page for the download
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Click on picture for more information on how to download this app